I’m Sierra McGuire, a wife, mother and watercolor artist living in So. Utah.

My artwork is a reflection of how I see nature. Painting it feels like an extension of my soul. My goal is to help my viewers experience the peace and serenity that I feel as I experience nature myself. I take my sketch book out with me as I’m hiking in red rocks, rocking my babies on my back porch, or backpacking the Andes. Each painting speaks loudly. 

I paint wildflowers for their song of beauty, I paint mountains to show strength, I paint trees for their calmness in growth, and I paint skies to express the endless possibilities the world has to offer us. To me nature is the ultimate healer and teacher. I hope my painting can give you that same feeling when you display it in your home.

I hope you enjoy looking around my shop and seeing the love I have for the beautiful outdoors! I would love for one of my pieces to make its way to a new home in your house or business!

Feel free to email me with any questions you may have at sierramcguireart@gmail.com