My artwork is a reflection of how I see nature. Nature is how I connect with myself, and painting it feels like an extension of my soul. I paint both Plein Air and in my studio and revel in the unique traits of each method. While my Plein Air paintings capture my feelings as I experience them, my studio paintings rely on my memories. I specialize in watercolor and have a deep appreciation for its airy, graceful look, in addition to its surprisingly complex process. My goal is to help my viewers experience the peace and serenity that I feel as I experience nature myself. Desert red rock, wildflowers, and public lands are key inspirations for me and symbolize beauty, resilience, and quiet strength. I often create my work in a series focused on one central theme and then display it through matting and framing or mounting on wood panel with mat varnish.

I hope you enjoy looking around my shop and seeing the love I have for the beautiful outdoors! I would love for one of my pieces to make its way to a new home in your house or business!

Feel free to email me with any questions you may have at sierramcguireart@gmail.com